Private Electric Locate

Private Electric Locate

It is a little known fact that after you call (811) or your local One Call that all your utilities may not be located. In some cities and regions the utility companies may not locate your private electric service or your private water service along with any other private electrical wiring on your property, examples would be ELECTRIC LINE TO WELL, WALKWAY,DRIVEWAY AND LOT LIGHTING, GARAGE, POOL, GENERATOR ETC.. After notifying your local One Call (811) check to see if your electric service has been marked out. This will be clearly delineated with red paint and flags from the utility right of way to your electric meter. If you have other underground electrical wiring on you property and you do not see these markings please contact us before digging.

Using (EM) Electromagnetic Locating Techniques a Bullseye Underground Utility locator will respond to your address and transmit a radio frequency through your electrical service or other underground private electric lines, locating them with red paint and flags. Bullseye locators will avoid using paint on driveways, pavers and in garden area unless specified by customer to do so. You do not need to be home during the time of the utility locate. Please ensure that all pets are secured and access to your property is available to the utility locator on the day of locate.

Our service consists of a utility locator placing red paint in lines approximately 18 inches long approximately, 20 feet apart with flags in every other marking if requested. Bullseye Utility Locating markings are very accurate but due to the nature of the equipment a tolerance zone of at least 18 inches on either side of the utility markings needs to be observed. This means that your actual cable could be located at any depth within that tolerance zone. Bullseye Underground Utility Locating recommends if you are digging within this area to dig by hand (Test Pit) and verify the location of the underground cable before proceeding forward with any type of mechanical excavation. Note: If you have dug a test pit and you are unable to locate the physical location of any cable located by Bullseye Underground Utility Locating please contact us before further excavation.


Private Electric Locate is billed at a flat rate $200.00 for up to 300 feet of electric line. If the electrical cables are longer than 300 feet an additional charge may be added. Additional charges consist of $50 for every 100 feet over the initial 300 feet.

Note: Price will change based on what county you are located in.

Bullseye Underground Utility Locating offers a satisfaction guarantee. You can may cancel and receive a full refund at any time.

Please complete the form as much as possible. You will not be billed until after the project is completed. Due to the type of Service Bullseye Utility Locating provides, our technicians who will review your information and communicate with you on your project for pricing & scheduling. We may request additional information if needed.
After all information has been collected, we will email you a Quote & Appointment time. At that time you accept or decline the service. If you accept the quote you will be invoiced for that time at the end of the project. You will be able to make payments via credit card, Check on site or through check by mail. After you complete you order you will be brought to your customer portal. You will be able to track and manage your projects results, communicate with a utility locator. You will also be able to reschedule, modify or cancel your request via the customer portal. Your customer portal will also be where you can view locate results, locate photos, project documents and invoices. If you have any question about you customer portal, please contact us.


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