(GPR) Ground Penetrating Radar


Please complete the form as much as possible. You will not be billed until after the project is completed. Due to the type of Service Bullseye Utility Locating provides, our technicians who will review your information and communicate with you on your project for pricing & scheduling. We may request additional information if needed.
After all information has been collected, we will email you a Quote & Appointment time. At that time you accept or decline the service. If you accept the quote you will be invoiced for that time at the end of the project. You will be able to make payments via credit card, Check on site or through check by mail. After you complete you order you will be brought to your customer portal. You will be able to track and manage your projects results, communicate with a utility locator. You will also be able to reschedule, modify or cancel your request via the customer portal. Your customer portal will also be where you can view locate results, locate photos, project documents and invoices. If you have any question about you customer portal, please contact us.

Bullseye Underground Utility Locating offers a satisfaction guarantee. You can also cancel and receive a full refund at any time.

(GPR) Ground Penetrating Radar with (EM) is billed $300.00 Per hour with a 2 hour minimum
Note: $50 mobilization fee may be added if your job site location is further than 30 miles from Boston.

Estimated locate times by property type

  • Residential homes – (2 Hours)
  • Large residential homes estates - (2-8 Hours)
  • Complexes including condos and townhouses – (2-8 Hours)
  • Commercial properties – (2-4 Hours)
  • Large commercial properties - (2-8 Hours)
  • Industrial commercial properties - (2-8 Hours)
  • Factories, military and medical facilities- (2-8 Hours)
  • Vacant lots - – (2-8 Hours)
  • Streets and roadways – (2-8 Hours)

These time frames are a good rule of thumb but are not fixed. your project may take more or less time depending on how many utilities are underground the size and scope of work this will be communicated to you once your project has started.


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